[Improvement Request] Column Combiner

Hello everybody,

I am not satisfied with the way quoting is handled by the Column Combiner node. As you can see in the attached files (01.png and 02.png belong together, as well as 03.png and 04.png), I can't think of any combination prohibiting the use of any quoting character.

I would really appreciate implementing such an option!


Won't the Column Aggregator node do what you want?

I do not see how...

The problem is that the delimiter you specify (the underscore character) is contained in the values in the barcode column. In order to separate the contents of one column from another you therefore cannot use an underscore delimiter (and avoid quotes). You need to specify a different delimiter; one that's not contained internally in any values of any of the columns you want to combine. Also, unselect the checkbox "Quote Always".

Alternatively, you can still use the underscore character as a delimiter (and avoid quotes in the combined col) if you select the option to replace occurrences of the underscore (e.g. in the values of the barcode column) with a different string.

IMHO this is reasonable behavior for this node, but if you still want to use an underscore character as a delimiter while also allowing it to appear in values being delimited, you could instead use a Java Snippet node to combine them.

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Another alternative to combine the columns wihtout quoting would be the use of the String Manipulation node with joinSep(...).