Improvement request for concatenate (optional in) node

This idea came from a recent issue in a post. And I have to admit I find myself stringing quite a number of these nodes together to concatenate all my tables together. 

is it at all possible to get this node to work more dynamically, so every time you add a branch to the inport a new additional optional inport appears below it. So you can just keep adding more and more and more branches to the inport side.

is it within the technical limits of the knime infrastructure to have a node like that?


Hi Simon,

based on my (limited) knowledge, it should be possible to make more than four optional input ports available, but I don't think that the (current) node model supports a flexible number of inputs (yet). 


That's exactly right, adding a 5th, 6ht, etc ports individually is not that hard, but making them dynamically appear and disappear would be.  Somthing to consider for KNIME 3.0.




I also asked for this over a year ago.