In a Rule Engine node, Can I use Flow Variables within " "?

Hi Guys,
Im a new knime user, Im trying to use a flow variable in a rule engine node.

I basically want to create buckets based on certain dates, this is the hard-coded dates, and I want to make it dynamic based on system execution date.

I have created all the variables as below, the data is getting groped based on the flow variables.

But when im trying to use the variables under the β€œ β€œ the values are not getting realized.

Is there anything that I am missing in the code?
Thank you in advance.

β€œβ€ is sign of text constant. If you need to convert date to text, do it after Rule Engine using String Manipulation node.

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Hi @izaychik63,

Thanks for you response,

Actually the out put looks like this, but i want the bucketing value to be the β€œflowvariable”

And im expecting the out put to be like this:

How can i achieve it ?

You need to use Column Expression node as it will allow string manipulations necessary to create desirable output.Use join() function combine parts of output string. Also, you may need to install node as by default it is not available. Look for KNIME examples how to use the node.

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Hello @ravikiranmm,

On contrary. Quotes are no needed for flow variables so simply remove it :wink:


hey @ipazin,

i tried removing the β€œβ€ , but it gives me an error:

Hello @ravikiranmm,

I see now. You are trying to combine/join two flow variables. This can not be done with Rule Engine node. As @izaychik63 mentioned you can should use Column Expressions node with join() function.
See this topic for example: Column Expressions if else behaviour


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