INCLUDE Blank/Null/Missing Values in YoY Table Calculation

Im looking to review customer purchases from month to month but I want to see when the customer did NOT purchase an item in a particular month. My data only includes details on items purchased in each month so there is a lot of missing/blank values in my data causing the YoY (month over month) results to not show the increases/decreases when its blank. The complete drop in purchases is the most important thing I am trying to capture in my report. I see there are a ton of ways to fill in a value with a zero, but it seems that the moment I use a calculated field the option for the YoY Table Calculation goes away. I cannot find any other solution either. Also, I am working with > 1M lines of data per month.

Hi @Acora -

It’s not clear to me from your description what you’re trying to do, or where the breakdown is in the calculation. Can you provide an example workflow with a minimal dataset that demonstrates the problem?


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