Incompatible Dates

I am trying to work on Date Range. I have a Date column which contains some dates like 7023-08-10, 0023-10-23.
Can someone please help how to exclude these incompatible dates?

Hi @mohini1329

If your Date column is in string format then it can be converted to the KNIME Date format using the -String to Date&Time- node.

Once its in the KNIME Date format you could use the -Date&Time-based Row Filter- node to apply your own range of acceptable dates by changing the dates specified in the “Start” and “End” sections of the configuration:

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Thanks. I would check this.

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@mohini1329 i guess you want to change 7023 to 2023, 0023 to 2023 right

Use String Replacer Node , if you are familier with Regular expression i would advice you use that as that will be easier

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You can also String Manipulation Node , REPLACE function to replace the wrong number

I would also suggest a regex filter for your rows
sth like



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