Inconsistent Error messages

When using the websearcher node I am often encountering error messages that tell me

Execute failed: ("NullPointerException"):null

Not being a java wizard, I don't understand what is going input cells are all simple text (string), search is set to Google, returning 5 results in English.  The error message is a bit hit or miss which makes it all the more infuriating.

So, as an example I have a "Row Sampling" node immediately before the WebSearcher, and the WebSearcher was successful for 1,2,3, and 5 rows sampled from the top, but then failed with 10 rows.  Cutting this back to 5 rows then led to an error, whereas just before it had worked!  Deleting and replacing the node then failed again.

Anyone have any pointers as to potential issues?


Google has deprecated their search API. It still works for a small amount of queries, but if a certain amount or throughput of queries has been reached, Google blocks further requests from their API. I agree, that the error messages are not optimal, I'll try to improve this in a future release.

Nonetheless, I recommend using Bing instead.


ok thanks, I will try bing instead!