Increase the speed of processing a node

Hi Friends,

I have a huge data (~50 m rows) set that I am manipulating with Knime.
Running the nodes take a lot of time. Is there a way to speed this up?

Hi @Shadi

This recently came up as well in another topic. It’s perhaps a long read but some tips and tricks are shared there as well.


are you aware of an article or docu where different file formats are compared in regards to speed by any chance?
eg parquet vs csv, vs table, …

I don’t and to be honest, I’m not actively chasing those sort of things. I work with KNIME professionally and in 95% of the cases limited to the spec of the customer in terms out input and output types. If it’s really get tricky client-side for me I’ll utilize our server with 64GB VM which gets the job done as well.

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