Increasing the results of the Google Analytics Query node above 10,000

Hi there!

From what I am understanding from all I've read on the Internet and particularly in this forum, the only way to increase the results from the Google Analytics Query above 10,000 is to use a paging mechanism. Someone explained in an old topic, that "this is done by putting the node in a counting loop and controlling the start index via variable".

I tried quite much playing around with my workflow, but so far, I fail to make it work. A problem I have encountered is that the Counting Loop Start node has an input port that is different from the Google Analytics nodes, thus I cannot figure out how to connect the Counting Loop Start into my main workflow. I have attached a picture of the current state of the relevant portion of my workflow.

I am looking forward to receiving some help on my problem. I am new to KNIME and this is the first loop I am developing on my own, so I still feel shaky with the concepts. Thus, I will appreciate articulate replies, or references to example workflows that will be of use.


An update: I believe I have resolved the issue. I am attaching the current state of the relevant part of my workflow as a reference for people who may encounter the same problem in the future.

Please comment if you see ways the workflow can be improved: f.e. right now, the Table Creator node is not used for anything but to fulfil the need for input in the Counting Loop Start node. Is there an alternative, better way of doing that?

This topic ( was instrumental in figuring out what I was missing, as the cases of using Google and Twitter APIs are similar in the context of my issue.

Here is an example workflow:

Cheers, Patrick