Indigo Fingerprint Similarity node


Just noticed a minor bug in the Fingerprint Similarity node which I would request to be fixed please.

In the output of the node, Double and Integer columns are passed through from the input, but any String columns are removed. Please can you ensure String columns are passed through into the output of the node.



Hello Simon,

Sorry for a long delay in the replay. Indigo Knime development process is continued now.

I have checked this in my workflow and everything is working fine. Could you provide me an example of the workflow with such issue? You can send it on my e-mail: rybalkin (at) or place it somewhere and share the link.

With best regards,


Apologies, I am unsure what happened when I tried it the first time. I have repeated the workflow and the node has run correctly, parsing String, Integer, and Double columns out. I'll let you know if I observe it again, may be possible the workflow was corrupted somehow or I made an error (more likely!).



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