Indigo Nodes page links to a website called

I was looking to install the Indigo Node package so I can count functional groups in my molecules. So I went to Indigo Nodes for KNIME | KNIME and clicked on the Indigo Toolkit hyperlink.

That took me to a page where someone seems to be selling video games or something. And it’s named Everything else on this page seems to not be working properly and it seems really sketch. Am I not in on something or should this be removed?

Hi @CN1 -

Interesting. From what I can tell the developer of those nodes let their domain lapse, and we don’t link to that particular extension via the KNIME Hub or our examples server any more.

Let me ask internally and see what I can find out, but my strong suspicion is those nodes are no longer supported and we need to fix/remove that page.

Thanks for letting us know!

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@CN1 a brief update:

You can get these nodes from Indigo KNIME integration – KNIME Hub. They are maintained by EPAM now, so we have a lot to correct on the page you found.

But the good news is you should be able to get counting those functional groups after all :slight_smile:

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