Inefficient data extraction with get request-xpath

Hi all,

I was trying to extract some data from the World Bank through an API, and for that i used the Get request and Xpath nodes.

I don’t know if i did something wrong (probably in the Xpath) or it is because of the xml structure of the API, but i am not capable of extracting the data in a proper way.

My problem is that when there is a missing value in one year, in the ouput table that year appears with the value of the next following known rate. I did it this way:API Data from World Bank.knwf (11.9 KB) .

I would appreciate if you could give me a hand in order to see if it can be done in any way, if not I will directly download the data.

The data i wanted to extract was the last 30 years of Secondary school enrollment in Afganistan. You can check the original data here (if needed):

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Marcosfd97, welcome to the forum.

For your “value” xpath, select the String data type, not Double. Do NOT enable the option to return missing cell on empty string.

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