information from the log


when a workflow crashes in batch mode, it would be useful to to get more specific informations from the knime log.

Is it possible to know exactly where (which node) the flow crashed ?     


I think that you can obtain this information changing the log level to DEBUG but with this solution the log contains a large amount of useless information.

With the WARN log level the log contains only the number of the node Worker that is useless.

Each node have a unique number, can be useful to display this number instead of the node Worker.

yes Darbon,

having the ID_NODE displayed would be the solution I am looking for.

Does anyone know how to do it?


The logging system doesn't know (yet) from which node a message comes. It only knows the node type (the class), therefore it cannot log the node ID.

Hi Thor,

in an organized batch environment it is important to know from which node a message comes in order to manage the assistance properly and have prompt interventions.

Since I use a batch environment, I hope it will.

Thank you for your attention