Information Link Spotfire - Error

I’m trying to use the node Infomation Link Spotfire and it got the following error message:

Support told me to try version 4.2 but it didn’t work either. I’m using version 4.6.1. Spotfire’s version: 11.4.4 LTS HF-021 - server version: 11.4.7 LTS

Hello @Aldemir ,

sorry for the late reply here!
Are you sure all the requested data (Spotfire Server URL, username, password) are correct?
Is there any difference if you give the port number as well as it is written in the node documentation?

“Web Server URL
This must be the URL of the Spotfire server in the form: http(s)://spotfireserver:port/spotfire”

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I was helped from IT suport and He said that I need to use Knime’s 4.2 version

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