Initial parent window size for an interactive view?

Is there a way to set a minimum value for the parent window height of an interactive view? I find that the default window size typically opens too small for many of my components that have the settings controls built into the interactive view.

Do you want to change it for your users that will open your component view once shared?

Or do you want to change it just locally for your KNIME Analytics Platform personal configuration?


I have a similar problem.
Either of the methods you have presented would be fine (although I would prefer that it be configurable on individual components), but if there is a way to change the initial window size, please let me know.

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Ideally the window size would be configurable by component and work when shared as well. Thanks.

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Hey @iCFO,

thanks for the idea. This is currently not possible, but we will investigate the feasibility and I will update this thread once I have more insights.



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