input data to example workflows


Here is a newbee question from someone with an R bias. Just wanted to try out the example workflows available in knime or

I am fine opening them, but can't run them :( No example input data! Is there no example data?

I am spoiled (by R) expecting that examples have to run and example data is provided?



some example workflows do not have additional input file. As long as the file reader node (or other reader nodes) are in the executed (green) status the data is temporarily stored in the workflows although there might be a warning that the file is missing.
So never reset this reader node.  That might be an explanation for your observation.


you might also want to have a look at the example workflows that are made available through the KNIME example server. A detailed description on how to download and execute these flows can be found on the Example Workflows page. Some R examples are available in the 006_R Integration section. All example fows on the public server should include the necessary data to execute the workflow. You should also be able to reset and reexecute any node in the workflow without any problems. (If you are interested on how the data is embedded into the workflow have a look at the KNIME FAQ page)