Input Method


could someone enlighten me please where I can find information on the Input  Method that is associated with each node ? I am talking about the last entry in the right-click menu of a given node.



Hi Bernd,

You are probably talking about the out-port view(s) available in the context menu of each node (with more than one output port). Those correspond to the underlying PortObject and PortObjectSpec implementation; both contain a method called #getViews().

Regards, Thomas

Hmm, I still don't understand... I have these "Input Methods" on each node regardless of how many views or out-ports it has. They contain among other "Default", "Amharic (EZ+), ...

What is changing when I change things here? It doesn't change the status of a node, I have it even when there is no input. Why is it there?

Thanks for clarifying


Hi Bernd,

I got it! You are talking about the very last menu entry "Input Methods" which only seem to be available under Linux. We will check...

Regards, Thomas

Hi everyone,

This is very strange! Yestarday, on all my nodes there was this last menu entry. I did not reboot or even close Knime, but now the menu is gone.

The only thing I did is changing the appearance of my Linux interface. Wow! That is amazing I did know this could impact Knime.

At this end, this is not a big deal, but definitely odd.


Hello everybody,

same thing happended here: suddenly "Input methods" with strange options like "System, None, Simple, IBus" appeared to every node. I had did not changed anything on the system since yesterday when the menu was not there. I found this additional line slightly annoying as I am used to having "Data output" as the last line.

I have CentOS 6.6 running on x86_64 and KNIME 2.11.2.

My solution was to restart X which solved the issue.

Best regards, Tuomo

This menu entry is added automatically by GTK. It depends on the window manager you are using and its settings

Here I was running GNOME 2.82.2. I had not changed any settings myself, but after looking at /var/log/messages, I could see that "gnome-settings-daemon" had crashed which would indeed explain why the menu entry appeared.

Okay, thank you Thor for the explanation.