Input to external tool is always double quoted...

Dear all,

External tool node provides additional functionality for KNIME. However, every time I use this tool to pass the results from the previous nodes I get them double-quoted, for example if I have an original column such as:



then in the input file to external tool I get:


The problem is that many external tools do not like these double-quoted results, as well as the output from the external tool to the next node in the workflow is also double-quoted.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO AVOID THIS ANNOYING Double-quoting in the input and the output from external tool?
I would appreciate any ideas you might have. Thank you in advance!


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This is the same question from your post right?

Is the table “quoted” when it it’s inputed into the external tool node (i.e. when you view the output of the source node do the quotes exist?) or does it happen internally in the external tool node?


There is no way to change this in the ExtTool node. It is hard coded in the source code. It will always double quote string values.

  • Peter

Has this changed at all in the last 11 years? I just encountered the same “Double-quote issue”. Is there any way to avoid getting double-quoted files in the input of the external tool?

Hello @Alejandroc,

have you tried using External Tool (Labs) node?
(reviving old topics is not best practice as not many remember were there any changes to certain node in last 11 years so feel free to open new topic next time)


Sorry @ipazin, my bad. I’ll open a new topic next time.

Thanks for the tip about the External Tool (Labs) node. I will review it.

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