Input URL to SDF and file reader

Hey everyone,

I just found out how to create Dialog options for users of a workflow. Now of course I have to play around wit that. I wanted to give the user the option to specify a URL for their input file and accordingly use an if switch to choose the correct input node.

I just realized that neither the SDF nor file reader have the option of parsing a URL as input flow variable. I have used that many times with the csv node and it is incredible powerful if you need several files processed in a similar manner.

Any ideas how to solve that  (in older versions this was available for the sdf reader as far as I remember)? Or am I just blind here?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jennifer,

You can pass a URL as a flow variable into an SDF Reader and File Reader node, it's just a little trickier.

In the SDF Reader node go to Tab File selection and start specifying the file location by typing  file:/  in the path dialog. Then switch to Flow Variables tab and look at the s0 parameter under urls.This is where you can specify URL from a flow variable.

I attached a small workflow to illustrate the settings of SDF Reader and File Reader nodes.

Hope it helps.

Best, Daria

Hi Daria,

thank you =) That was just what I was searching for. Now it works perfectly fine. Would be cool if there was a direct option to specify the URL.

With the file reader, well the button next to the input area was too obvious for me...sorry.

Now I can go on and have fun at the KNIME playground =)

All the best,