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We are testing Knime and there’s something we don’t see if it’s possible to do. We’d like to manually classify some data.

  1. Is it possible to create a workflow that, for each row, asks the user to manually input a value?
  2. I’m not finding documentation on how to use input widgets. Is there any documentation about this?
  3. Is it needed to have the server to run this kind of workflows?

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is the Table Editor what you need? Otherwise you can of course also implement the same thing using a loop. Widgets can also be displayed in KNIME Analytics Platform, but the Step-by-Step Wizard execution is only available on KNIME Server. Here you use components as interaction points: each top-level component corresponds to a page in the wizard and any widget or view in the component is shown on that page. Once the user clicks “Next”, the workflow is executed up to the next interactive component.

Addionally, the Active Learning extension might be of interest for you. It also allows querying the user for input.

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Thank you!

After some tests I think that Table Editor or Active Learning could do the job.


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