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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to insert a flag, or a kind of a light bulb into a workflow? Something like a traffic light depending on the outcome of a node action?

I can always right click and view the result of the action/data table. I am thinking, for example, on a row filter, if there are 10 records, a flag/node with a blue dot, 50 records with a yellow dot, etc. Or, a simple green bulb/flag when a workflow has completed. Now, i know there is a green dot just below the node, but I am thinking of an immediate visual, large and bold…



Hi sw1336,

Please take a look at the knime://EXAMPLES/50_Applications/27_Deployment_Options/04_Model_Deployment_dashboard_WebPortal workflow on our EXAMPLES server, where we embedded blinking traffic lights to a JavaScript Table View (Departure Table wrapped metanode).



Hi @amartin,

Thanks for this…hadn’t seen that before. Still can’t figure out how you got the bulbs to blink.

anyways, I was thinking of even simpler approach. Here in your example, I still have to view the output of a node.

Why not have a simple node with a traffic light kind of implementation? just my thoughts …

But, thanks you again.

Hi sw1336,

Inside the Departure Table wrapped meta node you can see a Table Creator node (labeled as “GIF Images”) where I provided images as html texts using GIF images and base64 encoding in the following format (first back slash is for preventing interpreting the example as an html tag):

<img src=“ … DsexHM8x9L6xHbcbHeexHo/nHfdx7O0xIKOrHw/yEAbytxKyIQUEADs=” height=“20” width=“20” style=“display: block; margin: 0 auto;”>

and then just output it in in the JavaScript Table View.

You can use any online converter to encode your image.


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Thank you Anna, @amartin