Insert Column Header Error no name assignment


I a a Knime beginner.

In order to make my program less 
I wanted to replace a node whit a subnode in oder to make my program less vulnerable 
to change. The Subnode produce the same tabel then the the node does except the names of 
the columns are different:

node:     Col0       Col1       Col2      ect.

Subnode:  Col0 (#3)  Col1 (#3)  Col2 (#3) ect.

the next node in the program is an Insert Column Header. If I put in the table
 from the node the Insert Colum Header works like expected.
If I put in the table form the subnode the Colum Header does not work, but puts out the error:

  ERROR     Insert Column Header               Execute failed: No name assignment for column "Col0 (#3)" -- set the appropriate option in the configuration dialog to keep the original column name.
can someone explain me why? and how to fix it?  

Hi Suppe,

can you post an examplary workflow?

However, the problem is the node wants to replace Col0 (#3) but the look up table does not contain this string. You can resolve this by deactivating the option "Fail if no assignment in dictionary table", however, the node will than be useless as it won't rename the column.

Best, Iris