Insert (empty) row as *first* row ?

Some of my workflows require to insert a new row at the beginning of the table. If the order of the rows aren't important, I can add a row to the end, and resort so that this is at the beginning. An alternative has been to insert as new column header at least when writing to a file. But: if the column header ends up as a variable for manipulation, then this won't work without using extract headers, etc.

Any suggestions? Anything obvious I have missed perhaps (most likely....) ?


May not be the neatest, but try Row Filter on a value which cannot be matched, this will create an empty table with the same header structure, then Add Empty Row and configure it to add absolute the number of rows you want, and then Concatentate back to the old table with the newly created table with empty rows at the first input node.


Nice one. Thanks! 

A tiny tweak to this one would be to use the criteria on RowID, then you don't have to consider any specific column name (in case they might change during development).


good idea, easier to speficy a pattern for rowid than on uknown content of the columns