Insert the Missed Date

There is a challenge when I am dealing with date format information. It would be highly appreciated if anyone can show me a way to solve this challenge.
Challenge description

  1. The original date format is not continually in days, namely the column of date is showed as 2018-07-01, 2018-07-08, 2018-07-12
  2. My target is that: can I insert the missed date between the two date, e.g. for 2018-07-01, 2018-07-08, there are 7 days missed, so there is any node in Knime platform that can automatically find the gap of two date and then insert the date

original data

targeted data after the node manipulation

Thanks in advanced!!

How about this?

  1. Create the time intervals in advance using the “Create Date&Time Range” node
  2. Join this range with your input table

– Philipp

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Hi Philipp,

You are so smart that I do forget about the create node and join function together.
Challenge has been solved!
Thank you very much!


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