inserting a number in a new column


I am using knime for a text analysis task. 

I have a number, that is 1815 and I would like to fill a new column, that is appending to an exixting table a new column containg for each observation the given number, coming from another column.

Any suggestions?


Is not clear for me how many tables do you have. 

What is clear is that you need to fill a Column with a given number taken from another table.

You can use a "Constant Value Column" - CVC node to create a column with a constant value added to a given table.

To select the constant value from a given table and "inject it" to the Constant Value Column node as a variable you can use "Table Row to Variable" or "Table Column to Variable" nodes depending on where are you going to take the "1815" number.

Remember to activate " "show Flow Variable Ports" by right clicking the CVC node. Then you can connect the red output variable dot from the variable node to the red input dot variable in the CVC node.


I hope this could help.


Hi datachef79,

it is also not quite clear what exactly you want to achieve. To count occurrences of values you can use the constant value count, as pointed out by karelman, or GroupBy and count. To add this count to the value you can use the Joiner node.

Cheers, Kilian

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