Install 2 executors in same server

Hi Team,

I have tried to install 2 executors in the same server so that we can split the CPU for scheduled workflows and for applications, however after installation of the 2 services only one executor is recognized.

Could you please help us with that?

I couldn’t find any documentation in the KNIME website about that.



You cannot run two KNIME Executors on the same host. If you need more than one executor, you will need
a) more than one host;
b) to configure RabbitMQ as the messaging queue system for communications between server and executors, rather than QPID which assumes server and executor are on the same host; and
c) a license for KNIME server large, so that you can use Distributed Executors configuration. [1]


[1] KNIME Server Administration Guide

Hi Nickolaus,

Thank you for your answer.

We have already RabbitMQ and Large license in place, so we will then leverage new server for the additional executor.


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Hello Marc,

You’re quite welcome. If you need any assistance with configuring Distributed Executors (DE), please contact us at for direct assistance.

Thank you,

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