Install / Add new R package to KNIME

I was trying to run one of the workflow demos called “01_Example_of_R_Snippet” from the EXAMPLES (knime://EXAMPLES/) and the second node (R Source Workspace - Read Date) did not run.

I discovered that this line


is the cause of the error. It seems I do not have this package. My question is how do I install this since it seems KNIME install another R.

Alternatively, how do I change this path to my R installation?

I solved a similar problem to ensure a library was installed by putting the following snippet at the start of my R code block, in this case for the sm library:

s = getOption("repos") # hard code the UK repo for CRAN
s["CRAN"] = ""
options(repos = s)


I think you should be able to adapt it to ensure that the relevant package is installed into the R instance which KNIME uses. I can’t remember the details as to why I needed to hardcode the UK cran repository unfortunately!



Or simply start the R version that comes with KNIME in cli and then install desired packages from there.


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