Install Extensions based on Preference File


Is it possible to specify in a preference file which extensions to be installed?
Looking at easy way to make sure team members uses the same extensions.
In this scenario there is internet access, I am just looking at an easier way to get the KAP rolled out to multiple people and to make sure that they all have the same version and same extensions installed.

Hi @Willem,

My suggestion would be to download the ZIP archive of the version you want to use + the corresponding update site ZIP file and set preferences including:

  • disable/remove default update sites
  • add the shared local folder of the zipped update site

Now install all the required extensions. Then share this instance via some shared drive with all the team. This way you make sure every team member has the same extensions with the same version and also, they can update to the next versions only if you update the zipped update site in the shared folder.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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