Install node on Linux Knime

After develop node and install node on Windows Knime,work well.
but copy node jar to dropins,and execute command run workflow,show not install my node

WARN     main Node       Node can't be executed - Node "主数据" not available (provided by "GoldWind"; plugin "" is not installed)

Hi @lou

  1. have you tested that the extension works with 4.2 by setting the 4.2 update site in your target platform?
  2. You should not be using the drop-in folder anyway. Instead create a local update site as described here:


I tested on Welcome to KNIME 4.1.3 on Windows and work well.

I use Knime on linux without GUI,just shell command.I only have one choice that copy node jars to KNIME dropins folder.

My node develop based on Target 4.0 release,is that matter?

Hi @lou,

you can install extensions into a remote KNIME AP installation using update sites and just the command line, take a look at the following guide:

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thanks ,it’s for KNIME server? i use Community version.

roll back to KNIME version 4.1.3,my node work now,thanks

This documentation is aimed at server users, but the instructions work with any KNIME AP version.