Installation Knime 2.7.0 32bit on w7

Hi everyone,

installation on w7 went smoothly on my netbook. However, when I installed on my older

notebook (W7 as well), Knime 2.7.0 starts ok but after a long pause I got the WARN:

"Tipps & tricks cannot connect to" and also updates are impossible to get.

Apparently I am stuck as my TCOM connection works pretty ok (total update on netbook

went very fast).

Any idea?




Have you enabled in your firewall to let through KNIME connections? On first starts usually I get a message to add an exception. (Although this is W7, 64 bit and Windows' default firewall.)

Hi,everything is set correctly with W7 firewall.

Does anyone know whether communicate with special ports either with TCP or UDP.




For the update site and the tips&tricks only the standard http port (80) is used.

Hi Folks

here we go again. I hoped things could have changed with 2.7.1 (32) on my W7 PC, but it did not.I started to think that my AVIRA antivirus firewal settings could have some problems.

The connection with is still impossible so I cannot update and have to wait ages before the WARN in console "Tipps & tricks cannot connect to" give me the control back. Orrible.

I cannot work anymore. Any Tipps against antivirus or for proper firewall setting (usually antivirus disable Windows Firewall).

Thx for every info