Installation problems knime 2.11.1 (linux gtk x86_64 ) On


I just downloaded and installed the lates version of knime on both redaht server and Centos machin. But on both I have the same two problems:

1) SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".

I followed the instruction from and Knime FAQ, but adding one of SLF4J jar in the classpath is not solving the problem I keep having the same error.


2) When knime start and i tried loading one workflow (an example or new worflow), The worflow panel freeze (does not repaint or refresh), I can't open any new panel, but when I close knime (from the high right corner), then all the previous panel I wanted will open quyickly and then close with knime. I installed webkitgtk and also deleted libgxim package but it doesnt solve the problem.

Any help/tips will be appreciated


You can ignore the first message. As for the second issue, what happens if you resize the window while it appears to be frozen?

It does'nt help, it keeps freezing. If I try to open new panel nothing will appear, until I close the knime window from square (top right), then the worflow and others panel will appear just before knime close.


In some case, opening a new editor window indeed makes eclipse hang.

The solution is adding the following option in the knime.ini file.



Thanks Taka, its solved the problem !