Installing a Python setup in the conda environment

Good day everyone,

ive been converting .fit files to .csv files with python via this tutorial Converting Garmin files FIT to CSV format - YouTube .
Now i wanna do this in KNIME. I have already installed the KNIME- python extension and created the conda environment, but my problem is that the “FIT_to_CSV_forWin” doesnt recognize the “import fitparse” line because i dont know how to install the “” ( shown at 6:55 in the video ) in the conda environment. Ive already browsed through most of the Forum and other websites, maybe someone can help.

Regards Adrian

@Adrian_D welcome to the KNIME forum. Maybe you check the two links mentioned here. You will have to familiarise yourself with the concept of conda environments and their integration in KNIME.

Thanks for your reply,
i found out, that the i was trying to install was available as a package for conda, which was easily installable from the anaconda prompt. Python Fitparse ::


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