Installing Extensions - Mac

I'm brand new to Macs so apologies if this is an obvious fix. When I try and install extensions, I get the following message:

"PERMISSION PROBLEM - Your KNIME installation directory seems to be read-only, maybe because KNIME was installed by a different user.  Installing extensions or updating KNIME may cause problems.  Do you really want to continue?"

I hit OK to continue and on the Available Software popup, no extensions are available to select.  Any ideas on how to resolve?  Thanks in advance!





As the message says: you have no write permissions to the installation directory and therefore cannot install extensions. You have to start KNIME as the user that owns the directory and then install extensions.

Thanks Thor, my sons are big fans by the way.  I installed and am trying to open myself.  As you can  see below, when I look at my workspace folder, it says "You can read only" eventhough permissions are set to Read/Write for me.  All the other docs/folders within the Knime folder are set up the same.  Any ideas on how to change this?  Thanks! 

Looks like you are trying to run directly from the Disk Image (which is of course read only)? You should copy the KNIME folder to your /Applications directory and launch from there.

Ahh, there we go.  Thanks so much!