Installing external extensioin, semi supervised learning


I've found some external nodes that would be very usefull for me:

But I can't find any information how do I install something like that.

I'm working on project for my university class. I'm supposed to test diffrent semi supervised methods of machine learning. I have used Knime Analytics before but only for supervised learing. I succesfuly implemented self training method in Knime but I'm having a really tough time trying to implement other methods.

So how would I go about installing this extension, or are there any other tools that would help me do semi supervised learning?

Hi Karpiq,

First of all: The nodes you found are really experimental and not supposed to be used in a production environment. Having that said: You'd have to install the KNIME-SDK (see  and then import the projects from knime-semisupervised as regular java projects. Then you can start KNIME from the SDK and have the nodes available.

Hope this helps,