Installing two versions on KNIME on same machine


Can I install two versions of KNIME say 2.8 and 3.1 on the same server machine ?

Reason being 2.8 supports RushAnalytics(Dataflow) and I dont want to loose the awesome functionalities of 3.1.

Will this pose any problems etc. ?



Mohammed Ayub





As long as you install them into different directories there are no problems.

I'm recently facing a new problem with the two versions. I have 3.1.1. in one directory and 3.2(upgraded from 3.1 ) in another. I installled the the Big Data Connector plugins in both the versions and they dont seem to show up in the 3.2 version node repository but they are showing up in the 3.1.1 version. 

I checked the Installation directory (which looks some thing like this for both 

D:\Program Files\KNIME 3.1.1\plugins  &

D:\Program Files\KNIME 3.1\plugins )   and the plugins are present there. I dont seem to understand what the problem is.  

Please let me know how to resolve this.

Newest version 3.3.2. always wants to uninstall older version first. Otherwise installer just quits.

But I need to keep the older versions! How can I get the installer to proceed?

@brct: Than you cannot use the installer. Use the self-extracting archive, it will generate you one folder with KNIME. Start the knime.exe to start KNIME

Hi, previous version 3.2.0 allowed me to install it without uninstalling the old one. i also don't see any reason why the installer would want me to.

Besides that, self extracting only contains Knime without the free addons. Sitting behing a company firewall the installer with all the free addons is the only way to get them (without effort).

@Iris:  I want to echo brct's point that the 3.3.2 installer is behaving differently from previous versions.  I have multiple versions of KNIME installed and all of them were installed using the .exe installers.    It is only with the 3.3.2 installer that I immediately get a message stating

KNIME Analytics Platform v3.2.0 has to be removed prior to new installation.  Uninstall now? 

There is no way to proceed without clicking Yes.   Even when I do click Yes, another message appears: 

Unable to uninstall KNIME Analytics Platform.  Please uninstall it before the reinstallation.

Using the self-extracting archive is an acceptable workaround for me.  However, this process is different from every other KNIME installation that I have done.

Was this a deliberate change to the KNIME 3.3.2 installer?  Will future installers behave the same way?