Integer format

Hi guys,


Sorry to bother you, because it looks trivial but couldn't find any solution yet.... I am trying to generate registration file which contains 2D barcodes. The input file ( Excel) contains these 2D barcodes as a 10-digit number, formatted via the custom expression 0000000000 in Excel. By reading with input file, Knime detects this column as an integer column and the barcode shorter than 10 digits loses the(ir) starting "0". Obviously the output file ( the registration file) needs to exactly have a 10-digit number i that column otherwise it rejects it.....


By converting the input column in a "text" format, the starting "0" are lost when the user scans the barcode. If I convert the input integer column into string, here again I lose the "0"....Is there a way to tell that I want a certain Integer column to have a specific length ( which is basically what Excel is doing in the Custom numbering tab..) ?


Thanks for your help

Do a trick like. First - "0000000000"+<your output>, second - substring(<NewString>, length(<your output>) + 1)

Use my string manipulation as an idea.


Well, thanks, not very elegant but very clever !

It seems to work on a small subset, I'll try tomorrow on large batch and see how the registration workflow digests it !!

Thanks !