Integer thousand separator missing after export to Excel

Hi all,
I would like to ask how to remain the thousand separator after export to Excel.
For example, this is how my data in KNIME before export to excel looks like

But after export to excel, it becomes. Need this format without having to manually change format in Excel. Could you please advise? Thank you!


Try to use Continental nodes.


Hi @JinnyLe,

Please review this link to learn how to show/hide thousands separator in Excel:


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Thanks @izaychik63: let me figure it out! This continental node was a challenge to me :smiley:

@armingrudd: Thanks for your reply, Armin! Yes i am aware of it. But it means i need to open the excel file after it is created and edit? I would like to have it done without having to do so. As this created excel will be input of my other MS flow, so i would like to have something automated. But not sure i can do so with the above link?

So as @izaychik63 has suggested you can use the Continental nodes to format cells.

Here is an example workflow to show thousand separator in an Excel file:
continental.knwf (29.6 KB)



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