Integrating KNIME Javadoc into IDE


I've recently started developing nodes in KNIME. I've downloaded the Javadoc package and set it's location in project properties, but I still can't get documentation for all of the classes etc. For example Javadoc displays properly for NodeModel.execute(), but when I point on DataRow type it says "Note: This element neither has attached source nor attached Javadoc and hence no Javadoc could be found."

When I try using "Open Attached Javadoc in a Browser" I get dialog box saying "The documentation locationfor 'DataRow' has not been configured. For elements from libraries specify the Javadoc location URL on the properties page of the parent JAR", which I can't do because those JARs are displayed as read-only Plug-in Dependencies.

Is there a way around this problem, so I can get full documentation integrated into KNIME's editor?

If you install the source features in your Eclipse you get the full source code and thus also the Javadoc for all classes. There is no need to download the javadoc separately.

It helped, thank you.