Intelligent EEPROM interpreter

Hi community,

For my task, I have to read thousands of text files. The content of these files are measurement values, string values and hex string. Computing the measurement values and the string values, I have already a workflow that works. Now I have to convert and interpret the hex strings. Manipulating and splitting these hex strings is not the problem. The problem is to interpret each part correctly. The interpretation concerns to a string value in each text file.
I have an Excel file with spreadsheets. On has listed at last 13 meanings about the 34 EEPROM blocks and the other spreadsheet has listed the allocation between the string value and a pointer list for each EEPROM block. Unfortunately, 13 meaning are not unique, so there are changes only in some EEPROM-block. For example, EEPROM block 1 has no changes (yet) since several years block 15 has 13 changes. You see the changes can be very volatile but they do not have too :unamused:

This looks for example like this:

Meaning 0 Meaning 1 … Meaning 13
EEPROM_Block1.Data1 … …
EEPROM_Block1.Data2 same like meaning 0 same like meaning 0
EEPROM_Block1.Data3 … …
EEPROM_Block2.Data1 EEPROM_Block2.Data_A
EEPROM_Block2.Data2 EEPROM_Block2.Data_B same like meaning 0
EEPROM_Block2.Data3 EEPROM_Block2.Data_C
EEPROM_Block2.Data4 EEPROM_Block2.Data_D
… …
|EEPROM_Block27.Data1 … EEPROM_Block34.Data_X
|EEPROM_Block27.Data2 same like meaning 0 EEPROM_Block34.Data_Y
|EEPROM_Block27.Data3 … EEPROM_Block34.Data_Z
EEPROM_Block34.Data1 EEPROM_Block34.Data_A EEPROM_Block34.Data_X
EEPROM_Block34.Data2 EEPROM_Block34.Data_B EEPROM_Block34.Data_Y
EEPROM_Block34.Data3 EEPROM_Block34.Data_C EEPROM_Block34.Data_Z

Pointer list Meaning of
Block1 Block2 Block3 … Block34
Test string1 0 0 0 9
Test string1 0 4 7 13

First, I want to know how I must handle the EEPROM meanings from the first Excel spreadsheet because I don’t want redundant data in my workflow. How can I manage the changes in only a few meanings of my EEPROM block? In addition, how can the workflow be designed to be future proofed when changes are coming?
Second question is how I can link the pointer list to each EEPROM block.

I hope you have some fancy ideas for me to so that I can solve my problem.

Thx, Brotfahrer

I add a screenshot of the example table

Greetings, Brotfahrer

And some more additional info for you. My workflow Looks like this. What I don’t want is to copy the metanode “Meaning 0” 13 times
The Software structure Looks like this in KNIME:

I hope this pictures make my problem a little bit more clear

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