Intelligently assign IDs based on given information

Hi, I have a table with Start Station Name + ID as well as End Station Name + ID. For some trips I have only the names, however, the IDs are missing. I would like to instruct Knime to intelligently recognize the IDs from other trips based on similar start or end station names.

An example: I have station ID 1 and name “Howard Park Ave”. Another row is missing station ID, however, has also the station name “Howard Park Ave”.

Any ideas on how to proceed with Knime to do this? It is important that there are over 3000 station IDs, hence, the solution should be applicable to that.

Hi @Newbie , can a Station name have multiple station IDs? In other words, can “Howard Park Ave” have other Station ID(s) apart from 1? And are the names consistent, in that “Howard Park Ave” is always written like this, or could it have variations such as “Howard Park Ave.” (notice the dot at the end), or “Howard Park Avenue”, etc?

And do all the names have at least one row with an ID?

Or, could we get the sample data?


As bruno29a points out you can only get a working solution if you have at least one matching occasion for each combination of Start Station Name + ID and End Station Name + ID to start with. If that is the case it should be relatively straightforward to match the correct IDs to stations names where these are lacking.

A few hundred rows with representative sample data would be helpful.



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