interact python view with hilite row splitter


I have the following nodes:

  • “Python view” node, in it I use plotly library to create a scatter_mapbox with graph_objects (not plotly_express). In map, I have two different families of traces (tables with different columns)
    *two “Table view” nodes,

I want to map select points on map traces (python view with plotly), to his table view using two “hilite row splitter”.

The following knime example, does something like that, but it’s more basic, not as complex

I’d like to know how to interact with hilite row splitter from python view.

Thanks in advance

Hello @jibtga,

I know you can do this through say something like the ‘Scatter Plot’ node, but in your case, I do not believe the HiLite Row Splitter node is able to interact with the python node.

Hope this helps,

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