interactive column selection and value filtering!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are well!
I’m working on a dashboard, and on of the components that I want to create is interactive filtering.
The picture below is an example of the data I’m working on. I have 2 string columns and a lot of other columns (I just provide 2 numeric columns as an example).
I want to interactively choose a column (string1 or string2 or skip choosing to analyze the entire data), then extract the value from the column to filter for any group. For example, I want to select the “string1” column, and the workflow automatically extracts the value in that column to filter for group “a or b or c”. The second choice will be the same for string2 columns. The third choice is to skip the selection of the column.

Screenshot 2023-02-09 134944

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
Thank you!

@Suad_Alshammari maybe you check out this example. You can select a string variable and you can then choose from the list of possible options:

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