Interactive GroupBy Views with multiple clusters

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I am using a modified version of the Interactive GroupBy View in order pre-select entries using kind of templates via the tile view:

Now my problem is that those templates (Tiles) have overlaps, e.g. “Standart Positionen” and “Test” should both select “Position 1.”. So what happens is that “Position 1” only gets marked as selected if both Tiles are selected:

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Is my approach to difficult and there is a much easier solution? I was also thinking about using the “interactive filter”, but since it’s important that the users are able to manually select additional rows this did not seem to be a proper approach to me.

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before your Table View node you are also using a Groupby Node, so each row in your Table view is actually a group of data points. Therefore you have to select both tiles (Standard Position and Test) to get the first row selected (meaning all datapoints of the first row group are selected). You could avoid that, by using the “clusters” Groupby node after the “table_2” Groupby node in your screenshot. But it also depends on your data and if you want to visualise it like this.
I hope that helps.


Hey Janina,
thanks for the quick reply! If I understood you correctly my workflow would now look like this:

Unfortunately, this will lead to duplicates in my Table View which I would like to avoid:

Anyway, your explanation helped me to understand the problem, many thanks! :slight_smile:

As a workaround, would it be possible to somehow to get those “half ticked” rows in the ouput?


you could use a Row Filter node after both views (Table View and Tile View), ungroup your clusters and concatenate the rows. For this approach, you need to have some sort of unique identifier.
Here is an example workflow: interactive groupby.knwf (25.7 KB)

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