Interactive Labeling Editor


I wanted to ask if it would be possible to extent the functionality of the Interactive Labeling Editor so that it allows to merge two or more labels into one (the resulting "merged" segment could keep one of the labels of the original segments). That would be particularly helpful in case of oversegmentation.

In principle it would also be great to have the option to split segments in this node (in case of undersegmentation) but I'm aware that this would not be a trivial thing to do since you would need to define how and where to split.



Hello Christian,

it is already possible to merge labelings, albeit only manually:

  1. Select the label you wish to assign the merged label (or create a new one)
  2. Assign this label to all segments.
  3. Remove all other labels from these segments individually, i.e. by selecting them from the list and right-clicking the segment.

I realize that this can become tedious if there are many labels for one segment , so I'll look into automating this process.

As for the creation of splitting tools: I agree, it'd be great to have some but they are indeed hard to implement. I'll try to look into that aswell.


Regards, Andreas


Hi Andreas,

thanks for the tip about the merging. It is indeed a bit tedious but since it only affects a few segments (at least in my case) it is manageable.

Such a function would anyway depend somehow on manual selection of the respective segments. Maybe it would be more convenient to add an extra merge button so that you can simply select segments for merging by clicking on them (in the image) and then merge them by using such a merge button. It would be nice to let the user choose whether he wants to use one of the old labels (i.e. always the first one) or assigning a completely new label for the resulting merged segment.

Anyway I'm sure you will come up with a good solution.

Thanks again,