Interactive Nominal Value Filter event doesn't affect the visualization

I’m using “Conditional Box Plot” to view a numerical and categorical variable. I’m trying to use a “Interactive Value Filter Widget” / “Value Filter” node to filter categories and view only the selected categories in the box plot. But the filter event doesn’t affect the categories in the box plot as it displays all the categories into the plot. I want something like the plot and filter will be on the same page and depending on the selected categories only those categories will be displayed into the box plot.

I’m sure this is possible if I have two different and distinct components (pages) for the filter and visualization. But I want to know if it’s possible within same page.

Another alternative can be to use a Quickform Selection node along with Row Filter etc. But it would be helpful to know if there is any Filter node to do this


Hi! Did you update to 4.0?

You can use the Violin Plot from the Plotly extensions for this.

Those are able to subscribe to both selection and filter event.

Unfortunately the conditional box plot totally ignores all interactivity coming from other quick-forms / widget / other JavaScript views.

Coloring the violin plot is much easier also, especially compare to the violin plot.

Instead of the nominal filter I used a table view after a GroupBy with hiliting enabled.
You can also activate Multiple selection in the Table View.

Look at this example to wrap your head around this.



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