Interactive / programmable Text in KNIME model

Is is possible for the KNIME team to add a feature where we can get dynamically updating text in the model, without requiring to open a specific node?

One example of how this is useful is for file-save times. It would be nice to automatically see what the last update time is for the file without having to click on the specific node within the file / without requiring me to look up the file in Windows Explorer.

Hi @rrembert3 and welcome to the Knime Community.

I’m not sure how “dynamic” you want this to be (I mean even when data is updated in a database table, you still need to run a query to see the updated data), but you can use the Files/Folders Meta Info node:

It has the Last Modified Date among other meta information of the files. So you don’t have to go in Windows Explorer to get this info.

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Thanks. I mean like adding a flow variable to an annotation, so I can quickly spot relevant information without any clicks.