Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget: Configure failed

Hi all
I’m trying to create a dashboard with range slider filter. When filtering columns are completely negative values, I received the following error
Configure failed (IllegalFormatConversionException): d != java.lang.Double
If I using positive values, all works fine. Negative number are regular number (double) type.
Have you any suggestions?
I attach an example WF showing the issue.
range slider filter.knwf (19.7 KB)

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Hi @ciaccindr This is an interesting finding. I was able to reproduce the issue.

I also tested some things, and here’s what I found:

  • It seems that the IRSF Node can only take values from a column which has at least one value above zero. An example of an acceptable column would be one with this list: -55, -7, -900, 0.00001, -88

  • An unacceptable column, for example, as you pointed out, is one with all negative values in the list.

On top of that, I have also tested out the Slider Widget. It can take double/integer columns containing all negative values, so it doesn’t have the same restriction as the IRSF.


We came across this internally as well and have a ticket for it: AP-19084.



Thank to all
In the meantime, I’m going to add a fake positive number to negative columns.
Thanks again

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Hi Andrea,

I am happy to inform you that this issue got resolved in the recently released version 4.6.1


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