Interactive range slider filter widget with missing values

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use a combination of interactive range sliders and a table view to allow a filtered selection of rows. However no matter the range of the slider for a given column all missing values for that column are filtered out. This is presumably intentional behaviour but is there a setting or workaround that could disable this? I’m looking to have a filter that includes values within the range and also missing ones.



Hi Matt,

You are right this is intended behavior and there is no way, at the moment, to make the range slider treat missing values differently.

I am sure you have already thought about it but I see two workarounds.

  • to replace the missing values to a number that is always in the range (but your logic might not allow it)
  • split the table using row splitter – so that the rows with missing values are in a different table – before applying the range filter. Then you could potentially merge them later using concatenate node.


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Hi Temesgen,

Thank you for your answer and suggestions, I’ll use a workaround then.

Best wishes,


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