Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget

Hi Together,

I have seen on some example workflows on Knime Hub that using the Interactive Range Slider Filter Widge it is of course possible to define a lower and an upper limit to be filtered.
Now I am trying to move the slider just with these defined limits.
Each time by doing so I am changing either the upper or lower limit but not being able to move the slider as such within the given limit settings.

I assume that I made a mistake in the node settings.

Your help is highly welcome!

Thanks in advance and stay well in times of Corona


Hi Ruthard,

And welcome to community!

Can you upload your workflow please?
Did you check the Hub? Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget – KNIME Hub
I worked with this node before and didn’t face any problem.


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Hi Mehrdad,
Thank’s a lot that you are trying to solve my “problem”.
Yes, I checked the KNIMR Hub but without any success.
Here the respective workflow:
ADS-B_2.knwf (204.1 KB)
Once again, I’m looking for a solution that I just can moove the slider with the given min/max values.

Thank`s again and stay well



Hi Ruthard,

I don’t follow you. Let check this step by step:
First you run the workflow then you click on component view and select your min/max by moving the slider.
you are saying you can’t move the slider? or want to move the slider automatically by selecting data in other plots?

Hi Mehrdad,

Thank’s for your question to clarify my problem.
The selection of the lower as well as the upper limits is no problem.
However, after I made the ajustment of the limits I’m unable to moove the slider (as such) with the given limits.

Best regards and stay well

Dear Ruthard,

How do you select the limits? in node’s configuration or by moving the slider?
If you do it in node’s config you should close the configuration and re-execute the component to see the result.

Hi Mehrdad,
I mooved the sliders for the limits selection

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And you want to make a new selection but you are not able to move the slider?
After the first selection you press the apply button? you do this in the component view or in the node’s view?
I’m sorry for asking too many question :))

Dear Mehrdad,

I’m realy sorry to bother you with my problem.

To your question: The apply button I pressed in the component view.

However, I think my problem is solved.

I used the workflow: Components Configuration Dialog and Interactive Views – KNIME Hub

Within this workflow, I’m using the component Interactive Slider … and used my data.

And it works as expected.

Anyhow, thank’s a lot for all your efforts to help.

Best Regards and stay well



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