interactive segmentation view


I have two suggestions concerning the interactive segmentation view node. First it would be very convenient if one could control the sliders for the different stack dimensions in the viewer window with the arrow keys. (That would allow to select segments by mouseclick while at the same time one could move through the choosen stack dimension by pressing the arrow keys). I've attached a screenshot. Second is there a way to avoid that after highlighting some segments in the interactive segmentation view this selection is saved even if the node is executed again? Even though I admit that it can be useful for some applications it would be nice to have the option that the last highlighted selection is automatically erased before the next execution. I'm using this node in a loop and at each loop iteration I always have to manually use the "clear highlight" function to erase the highlighted selection from the previous loop iteration and that is a bit annoying.


Hi Christian,

for the first suggestion I filed an issue in our bug-tracking system:

The second suggestions might be solvable with a more general KNIME node. I will talk to the KNIME guys.

Thank you for your feedback!!




Thanks Christian!

Meanwhile I could solve the problem with the highlighted selections that are unintentionally applied also during the following loop execution. One just has to add the current iteration to the labels so that they have unique names at each loop iteration.

Using hot keys for browsing through planes does not work for Windows as well as for Linux. Would be cool if this could be fixed.





Hello Christian,

I've just pushed a fix for the hotkey problem to the master branch - see . The hotkeys should now work for any keys (or key combinations) that produce the required characters. After a quick test I'm confident this fixes the issue for all OSes, too.

If there are any further problems with the hotkeys just leave a message and I'll look further into it.





Hi Andreas,

thanks for fixing it. I tried for Windows and it works well.