Interactive Table (local) - default "Always on Top"

Anyone know of a hack that can make Interactive Table (local) nodes open in “Always on Top”, or would it require an additional configuration setting to pull something like that off?

I have macros that auto toggle it over to “Always on Top” when it opens the view on my computers, but not everyone that I work with is the macro controller type…

Hi @iCFO -

I’m not aware of any way to force this. I can ask to see if there is some kind of Eclipse option that would help, but I suspect that this will be rendered a moot point with the new UI release anyway.

Unfortunately, I can’t work in the new UI until they build in support for keyboard shortcuts and crucial nodes like this one.

Are they planning some kind of platform design improvement that would allow us to access data while configuring nodes? Right now I am use an Interactive Table (local) node (in Always On Top) for reference and copy / paste into configuration windows pretty much every minute of the day.

I believe the plan is to move away from the Swing-based configurations dialogs to something more flexible. But maybe @schramm can provide more context here. At any rate I think he would be interested to know about your use pattern for copy-pasting.



I use the below public component for general access to copy / paste value lists. It is always followed by the Interactive Table (local) node opened in Always On Top. (I actually paste both of them connected via text / run / open table view in always on top - all with a button macro)

Depending on the task, I also use specialized “relational tables” which help highlight logic for defining more complex formula changes and of course the raw data tables as well.

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